Upgrades for your machines

Upgrades for all ALLROUNDER sizes and series offer a fast return on investment (ROI) and save energy immediately.

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Full insulation on injection units

The full insulation of our injection units improves efficiency, quality and safety in every injection moulding process. Full insulation can be retrofitted at any time and the investment pays off several times over. The shortened heating time reduces energy consumption and increases efficiency. Due to the simple installation and low costs, the investment pays for itself very quickly.

Before use, check whether the full insulation has an influence on the materials used and the process. This table provides an overview.

Retrofit of air and water-cooled engines

Particularly with older machines, it can be worthwhile to renew the drive technology. Upgrading the existing engines to energy class IE3 already pays for itself after around 2 years and saves cash in the future.
Contact: nachruestungen@arburg.com

wirtschaftliches ARBURG Energiesparsystem AES

ARBURG energy-saving system for hydraulic ALLROUNDERs

The ARBURG energy saving system (AES) allows you to work economically with demand-based drive power. The benefits? Lower energy requirement, less noise and less wear and tear.

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