Special injection moulding processes

Hotmelt, in-mould labelling (IML), in-mould decoration (IMD), Exjection®, elastomer and wood-plastic composite (WPC) injection moulding – for most processes we are the right partner for you.

Benefits at a glance


Especially for special processes – we have the perfect concept for every requirement. And the unique ARBURG knowledge pool for machines, technologies, turnkey and digital cross-linking.


ARBURG offers broad application and process technology support – and works closely with mould, automation and peripheral equipment manufacturers as a primary contractor.


No matter how demanding or innovative your plans and projects are, our solutions, based on the modular ALLROUNDER principle, are equally adaptable.


Even if you are breaking new ground, take advantage of the variety and opportunities provided by economical and innovative processes. We are happy to share our expertise in this area.

Process examples

ALLROUNDER HIDRIVE in Packaging-Ausführung fertigt IML-Becher

In-Mould-Labelling (IML)

The IML process is suitable for high-speed packaging applications, for labelling thin-walled components directly in the mould, for example. For this purpose, prefabricated films are inserted into the mould by robotic systems or IML systems.

In-Mould-Decoration (IMD)

In-mould lamination of decorative films provides high-quality surfaces in the automotive and household appliance sectors, as shown with partner Leonhard Kurz, for example.  Time-consuming and costly finishing steps can be eliminated with this process.


Want to produce high-quality seals for sensitive electronics? Then Hotmelt is the answer. Thanks to the special flow properties of the adhesive, you can encase electronic parts and connectors in a perfect seal so that they are reliably protected against splash water.


Want to produce metre-long structural parts with functional geometries? Then our vertical ALLROUNDER V machines with free-space system are ideal. Combined with the Exjection® process.

Elastomer injection moulding

How to process extruded materials reliably? Ideally using the automatic conveyor belt feed on the injection unit. Special conveyor screws can process the elastomers continuously. With an appropriately enhanced machine controller.

Wood-plastic composite (WPC) injection moulding

Carbon neutral? With high ecological standards? Wood-plastic composites (WPC) can be easily processed on ALLROUNDER injection moulding machines.

Sample components

LED carriers

Electronic parts such as LED carriers are coated with thermoplastic hotmelt adhesives in a hotmelt process at low pressure.

IMD panels

ARBURG and Leonhard Kurz: During the in-mould lamination of decorated washing machine panels, a continuous film is pulled through the mould.

Turnkey projects

Automated production cells from a single source

Want to increase added value, optimise the injection moulding process, automate further, and integrate innovatively? Then we are your partner as a primary contractor. As we already are for many leading companies worldwide.

More about turnkey consulting

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Our packaging machines combine FEM-optimised mould mounting platens, precise mould movements, high filling dynamics, short injection times and high plasticising flow rates.

Take advantage of our expertise – from moulded part design to mould and machine configuration. And application technology, for example in our Customer Center.

From practical experience – for practical use. That's how we share knowledge. You benefit from our know-how. Targeted, fast, and cooperative. With our machines, for your purposes.

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