Control system

With our self-developed and manufactured GESTICA control system, injection moulding is fun! With this benchmark "Made by ARBURG", you can conveniently and smartly optimise your processes, reliably control even complex turnkey systems and reliably produce in series.

Benefits at a glance

Made by ARBURG

You can rely on our GESTICA. Our expertise in plastic processing and comprehensive expertise in hardware and software are combined in the control system.


You can operate our control system intuitively. Robotic systems and peripheral equipment can be integrated directly. This ensures fast processes and a high level of reliability!


Software and machine technology work perfectly together. GESTICA's adaptive process control monitors and regulates injection moulding and keeps processes stable.


The "intelligent" assistance functions of the GESTICA control system actively support you and simplify your work. From set up to optimisation to large-scale production.

Explainer video: GESTICA control system

GESTICA Examples


GESTICA has become the benchmark for the entire industry as a result of our consistent development and implementation work. High-quality technology and smart gesture control set the standard for comfortable and safe working.

In-house production

GESTICA bears our signature in every detail. Because it is made entirely in-house. Right up to our own printed circuit board production. In this way, we can immediately follow new technical trends – or set them ourselves.

Innovative capacity

What our innovative capacity means for you in daily practice is shown by the example of "aXw Control FillAssist". This assistant enables a filling simulation directly on the GESTICA control system. For precise machine parameters and design of moulded part and injection mould in just a few days.

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The GESTICA control system's smart assistance functions provide active support and simplify your work. From setup and process optimisation to stable production.

As one of the world's leading manufacturers of high-quality machines and a competent partner for plastics processing, we ensure that you successfully produce quality parts.