Additive manufacturing

Customised 3D printing – with freeformers from ARBURG and 3D printers from von innovatiQ. Plus the ARBURG Plastic Freeforming (APF), fused filament fabrication (FFF) and liquid additive manufacturing (LAM) technologies.


With the open freeformer system, you have the process control in your own hands and can specifically adjust and optimise layer separation, droplet size and parameters.


With the freeformer, you can use the same plastic granules as for injection moulding. Use a wide range of certified original materials.


Components made of TPE or in hard/soft combination. Complex geometries or integrated functions. Working in clean rooms. For all this and more, our freeformers are the right solution.

The freeformer 200-3X and the large freeformer 300-3X

freeformers from ARBURG


Benefits of freeformers

freeformer 300-3X mit drei Austragseinheiten



Up to three discharge units, combination of hard/soft or of materials and colours, support materials for complex geometries



Build chamber in stainless steel, residue-free process, water-soluble support material, no manual finishing work, also designed for work in clean rooms



Use of certified original materials, processing of specific material compounds, constantly growing material database, qualification of own materials, material dryer, optimised software

Easy to understand

Easy to understand

High-end control system with multi-touch screen in industrial PC technology, easy-to-understand, intuitive user interface, automated slicing software



High-performance components: servo motors, integrated material preparation, control cabinet "made by ARBURG"

Areas of application

freeformer für die additive Fertigung von Medizintechnik-Produkten


With freeformers and the APF process, you can additively manufacture medical technology products, even from qualified original materials. With total freedom: biocompatible, sterilisable, implantable and even resorbable.

Mit dem AKF-Verfahren kann man die Bauteildichte gezielt beeinflussen

Mobility and lightweight construction

Production of honeycomb structures and bionically optimised components on freeformers. Flexible functional components made of original soft materials. Not only saves you weight, but costs and time as well. In terms of both material and equipment.

Turbine aus für die Luft- und Raumfahrt zertifiziertem Ultem


Lead the way. With your additive manufacturing, you are way ahead in lightweight construction. With a high degree of freedom, resource conservation and sustainability. When processing high-strength, high-temperature plastics.

Flexible Schuhsohle, additiv gefertigt auf einem freeformer

Consumer goods and packaging

Mobile phone covers, flower vases, spectacle frames and shoe soles – manufacture additively personalised products for the consumer goods segment. The benefit for you: a functional component in no time, plus reduced costs in the process.


Multi-material processing, flame protection, function integration, miniaturisation or the combination of various processes. freeformers can meet all these requirements. Even if you want to process electrically conductive materials, this is not a problem.

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When you work with freeformers in medical technology, many things become easier. Work with original materials that are biocompatible, sterilisable, implantable or resorbable.

The multitude of industries, technologies and applications is sure to include an example that meets your requirements. Draw inspiration for new ideas from our selection of components.

freeformer für den 3D-Druck

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