Engineering thermoplastics

Engineering thermoplastics have excellent mechanical properties. They are particularly suitable for technical applications, but also for construction tasks, for example, where load-bearing parts are required.

Benefits at a glance


Engineering thermoplastics are ideal for technical applications. Benefit from improved material properties.


Engineering thermoplastics can resist temperatures of up to around 130 °C. Benefits such as high durability and good viscosity are good reasons for using them.


Their excellent mechanical properties make thermoplastics suitable for sliding bearings, rollers and seals, for example, and also for housings, insulators and workpiece carriers.

Widely usable

Engineering thermoplastics can be used as a substitute for many traditional materials. This is because they are abrasion-proof, resistant to corrosion and chemicals, long-lasting and dimensionally stable.

Turbine aus für die Luft- und Raumfahrt zertifiziertem Ultem



Use cube-mould technology to produce sophisticated multi-component parts with integrated functions on our ALLROUNDER CUBE machines. Lower basket rollers made of PP and POM are just one example. First-class quality, fast cycle times and enormous savings in terms of costs and installation area.

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Sample components

Micro counting wheel

They weigh just 0.004 g: a special micro production cell manufactures micro-counting wheels made of PBT. Nine pieces weigh as much as a single granule.


A freeformer produces spacers for ALLROUNDERs from high-temperature plastic PEI. Injection moulding machine parts additively manufactured: You can do that too!

Würfeltechnologie: 24 fertige Unterkorbrollen in 9,5 s

Lower basket rollers

Producing a ready-assembled lower basket roller for dishwashers 40 per cent faster: An ALLROUNDER CUBE with reverse cube system combines axes and rollers made of PP and POM.

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The multitude of industries, technologies and applications is sure to include an example that meets your requirements. Draw inspiration for new ideas from our selection of components.

With the freeformer, you can additively process the same plastic granules as with injection moulding. Use a wide range of certified original materials.

What do you need for your multi-component technology? Very flexible configurations. This is exactly what our modular ALLROUNDERs are designed for.