Create added value through integrated functions and customised design. For the industrial additive manufacturing of resilient plastic parts from original material.


The choice of materials is practically limitless: certified original materials, combinations of materials and colours, also in resilient hard/soft combinations, soluble support materials – everything is possible!


The open ARBURG Plastic Freeforming (APF) system offers you maximum freedom in the additive processing of qualified standard granules. By varying the process parameters, the component properties can be specifically influenced.


The freeformer works reliably and reproducibly. Data can be seamlessly traced and documented via the ProcessLog customer portal app. For example, for medical technology or aerospace applications.


Our high-end freeformer control system is designed for industrial use. With a clear multi-touch screen and easy-to-understand, intuitive user interface. Plus automated 3D slicing software for data preparation.

Technical data



Your added value as a freeformer customer: seamless process documentation. The "ProcessLog" app on the arburgXworld customer portal allows you to clearly display and track a wide range of process and build job data.

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“ProcessLog”: reproduzierbare Fertigung von AM-Bauteilen

Part examples

Additiv gefertigtes Implantat aus Resomer LR 706


Resomer LR 706, for example, is used to make resorbable implants that can be inserted directly into the body after bone fractures.

Mit dem AKF-Verfahren kann man die Bauteildichte gezielt beeinflussen

Honeycomb structure

The freeformer is ideal for soft materials such as TPE and TPU. The component density can be selectively influenced in order to produce flexible honeycomb structures, for example.

Flip-Top-Verschlüsse: Der freeformer fertigt funktionsfähige Prototypen

Film hinges

3D printing of original PP for prototyping film hinges. The freeformer produces flip-top closures that can be opened hundreds of times.

3D-Druck verzugsfreier Rohre aus Original-PP und Stützmaterial


Thick-walled S-pipes can be additively manufactured without distortion. With the aid of support materials, cleverly inserted and later dissolved in a water bath with no finishing work.


freeformers can even process pressure-sensitive adhesive granules, as tesa has shown. This has great potential for applications such as the waste-free bonding of smartphone components.

freeformer für den 3D-Druck

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