Construction and equipment engineering

From building technology to mechanical engineering: a broad spectrum – and ARBURG is always your partner. Because you want to produce economically, effectively and flawlessly. And fast.

Benefits at a glance


Competitive unit costs? We fine-tune processes, mould concepts and machines to meet these requirements. So that you can manufacture your own complex technical components precisely and efficiently.


Extrusion, gasketing or multi-component injection moulding? We offer a wide range of processes and peripherals. So that you can combine them freely.


Multi-material design? Processing alternative or reinforced plastics with standard machines? We offer the solution – e.g. fibre direct compounding (FDC) for lightweight parts.


For even better products: from consulting and conception to commissioning, you get everything from a single source. Benefit from ARBURG's expertise in machine and application technology.

Example house

Building Technology & mechanical engineering industry

Light switch

Light switch

Light switch, a typical thermoset component, customised by ARBURG in an integrated process chain. Injection moulding and 3D printing were combined for this purpose.

Pipe splitters

Pipe splitters

A mould with complex core pull technology is used for the injection moulding of Y-branches for sewage pipes. Three core pulls are completely integrated into the control system of the hydraulic ALLROUNDER.



Fastening technology can be manufactured economically and to a high standard of quality in high-volume batches. Also made of alternative plastics, as demonstrated by the Greenline dowels from Fischer.

Charging station

Charging station

Charging electric vehicles: An electric ALLROUNDER manufactures components for wall boxes, which were ADAC test winners in 2018 with the top score of 1.0.

Water meter

Water meter

The production of housings for water meters is demanding because the component is subjected to pressure. Functional prototypes can be 3D printed with the freeformer.


Cube-mould technology

For complex multi-component parts: with the four cube sides that can be used for production, mould filling, cooling and part removal run simultaneously. In addition, twice the number of cavities are available with the same mould mounting surface.

To the cube-mould machines

Component examples

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The multitude of industries, technologies and applications is sure to include an example that meets your requirements. Draw inspiration for new ideas from our selection of components.

Step into the ARBURG product world with us. Everything you need for plastics processing. Wir sind da – We are here for you.

Thermoset package for precision equipment: highly wear-resistant cylinder modules, special plasticising screws, function-enhanced machine controller for venting and injection compression moulding.