Abrasion resistant, heat resistant, electrically insulating, resistant to chemicals? Then thermoset injection moulding is exactly what you need for precise, reliable production. And our expertise will be of interest to you.

Benefits at a glance


Looking for materials for tough cases? With granulated thermosets and moist polyester (BMC), you can achieve a high degree of mechanical strength and rigidity.


Because they are resistant to chemicals and abrasion, thermosets are ideal for durable components in electrical engineering.

Dimensionally stable

Thermosets solidify irreversibly through chemical reaction. They are characterised by dimensional stability and a self-extinguishing reaction to fire.

Heat resistant

Are you manufacturing pot handles, brake pads for cars, sockets or electrical housings? Then thermosets are your first choice, as they are not deformed by heat.


BMC cylinder

Need a reliable and automated solution for feeding materials with a high filler content? Our INJESTER tamping device can handle it! For optimum pre-compression to minimise trapped air and gas.

Sample components

Armature shaft

In armature shafts for electric motors, thermoset ensures a secure connection between the shaft and the stamping package. High-strength and durable – this is the right way to work with thermosets.

Belt pulley

With thermosets, injection-compression moulding can be used to increase part strength and avoid sink marks. For the belt pulley, the coining gap in the mould is 7 mm.

Car piston

Thermosets instead of metals – make cost-effective substitutions. Like the piston made of free-flowing thermoset produced on a hydraulic ALLROUNDER.

This might also be of interest

The multitude of industries, technologies and applications is sure to include an example that meets your requirements. Draw inspiration for new ideas from our selection of components.

We can provide you with everything you need for this material. In addition to ALLROUNDER injection moulding machines, this includes our practice-oriented thermoset package for the series production of high-quality moulded parts.

Step into the ARBURG product world with us. Everything you need for plastics processing. Wir sind da – We are here for you.

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