Two-component grippers

With the freeformer, ARBURG manufactures an application-specific two-component gripper with which the robotic system gently removes injection-moulded grip plates.


In the ARBURG Plastic Freeforming (APF) process, operating equipment such as robotic grippers can be produced economically and quickly using standard plastics.


Hard/soft combination: The freeformer additively manufactures a gripper from an inherently stable housing and a soft TPU nozzle closure.


In order to remove grip plates from the injection mould with a positive fit, the gripper's TPU nozzle closure is expanded using compressed air.

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ARBURG solutions used

freeformer 300-3X

The freeformer 300-3X additively manufactures a two-component gripper from PC/ABS and TPU. The result is a resilient functional component in hard/soft combination.

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Grippers, assembly devices and other operating equipment can be additively manufactured in a cost-effective way from a batch size of 1. The MULTILIFT V is equipped on demand with a customised gripper.

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THERMOLIFT Granulattrockner und -förderer


In ARBURG's own automated injection moulding production facility, the 2-component gripper removes grip plates that are installed in THERMOLIFT granulate dryers and conveyors.

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freeformer 300-3X mit drei Austragseinheiten

APF process

With the ARBURG Plastic Freeforming (APF) open system, the user is in charge of the process control. Layer separation, droplet size and parameters can be selectively adjusted and optimised.

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Building technology and mechanical engineering

Make versatile use of our modular ALLROUNDERs. Also for products related to construction and mechanical engineering. The spectrum ranges from plumbing, fittings, pipes and dowels to grippers, housings and plug connectors.

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Building Technology & mechanical engineering industry

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