Are you looking to produce high-quality packaging items such as thin-walled parts, IML products and screw caps quickly, reliably and efficiently? We offer the right machines and technologies for the job.

Benefits at a glance


Fast cycles and reduced unit costs – our machines in packaging version are optimised for maximum productivity and reduced energy requirement.


FEM-optimised mounting platens, precise movements, high filling dynamics, short injection times – just some of the features of our high-performance packaging machines.


Together with partners, we develop innovative technology and turnkey solutions for sustainable circular economy. Such as R-Cycle and HolyGrail.


ARBURG is your reliable system partner: from project planning and commissioning to CE certification, training and support.

Example packaging

Thin-walled cup

Thin-walled cup

The more thin-walled the product, the shorter the cycle time and the lower the amount of material required, but also the more demanding the technical implementation. Our solution: hybrid high-performance machines of the HIDRIVE series in packaging version.

IML – HolyGrail

IML – HolyGrail

Thin-walled cups can be printed with invisible watermarks along with the IML label. This HolyGrail technology, as it is called, enables intelligent sorting depending on use.

Screw caps

Screw caps

With multi-cavity moulds, large quantities can be produced every second. For maximum productivity, specially configured system solutions such as hybrid high-performance machines are required for screw caps.

Storage box

Storage box

ARBURG machines can be used to produce not only classic thin-walled products, but also boxes with seals for food storage, for example.



An ALLROUNDER CUBE machine produces 32 two-colour flip-top closures in a cycle time of 8.5 s. The cube-mould technology increases output and reduces the energy requirement.


Cube-mould technology

Cube moulds ideally combine double the number of cavities with shorter cycle times using the same mould mounting surface. So that you can increase your part output by 100 to 200 per cent. While reducing your energy requirement.

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Würfelwerkzeug  eines ALLROUNDER CUBE

Sample components

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Do you want to make optimum use of resources and reduce unit costs? Then ARBURG is the perfect choice for you! Our solutions enable you to achieve maximum productivity with minimum operating costs.