Luer Lock connector

ARBURG uses the example of Luer Lock connectors to show how time and costs can be saved by integrating functions. A turnkey system efficiently manufactures the delicate two-component closures for the pharmaceutical industry in large-scale production.


Precision is required when injection moulding ready-to-use connectors: the part weights of the PP and TPE components are only 0.2 and 0.05 g respectively.


A turnkey system produces ready-to-use Luer connectors. The innovative solution eliminates the need for a second mould and additional assembly.


The 2-component parts are assembled directly in the mould. Mould functions and six-axis robots are integrated into the GESTICA control system.

Zwei-Komponenten-Bauteil: Luer-Konnektor aus PP und TPE

Innovative: Turnkey solution for 2-component connectors

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ARBURG solutions used

elektrischer ALLROUNDER MORE


The ALLROUNDER MORE series is specially designed for multi-component injection moulding. It offers plenty of space for moulds and a usable ejector stroke, modularity in assembly, as well as ease of use and simple maintenance.

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Six-axis robot

The Yaskawa six-axis robot is integrated into the GESTICA and can be programmed directly via the machine controller. It removes the finished parts, feeds them to a camera inspection and deposits them separately by mould cavity.

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Turnkey system

As a system integrator, ARBURG offers customised production cells from a single source. The automation program also includes Yaskawa and KUKA industrial robots "powered by ARBURG".

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AMK motors

Four servo-electric axes from ARBURG sister company AMKmotion, monitored via the GESTICA, play a central role. In the mould, they control the sequences for core-back, lifting the lid, capping, and unscrewing the Luer threads.



Maximum precision, cleanliness, clean-room concepts? You can be sure that we will find the right medical technology solution for every application. For example, electric ALLROUNDERs in a stainless steel version or our freeformer.

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