Technology Days

Our unique industry event has been offering international experts a comprehensive insight into our entire portfolio of products and solutions for 25 years. Discover the latest innovations and technologies that the ARBURG world has to offer and exchange ideas with our experts and partners.

What awaits you

Experience the comprehensive ARBURG product range on our company premises. With many applications and innovations in injection moulding and additive manufacturing. With innovative processes and efficient automation. With unique digital value-added services and comprehensive advice that goes far beyond machine technology.


In arburgSOLUTIONworld, our experts will advise you on current and future topics such as energy, efficiency, shortage of skilled labour and future orientation. Find out how you can make your operations efficient and fit for the future with the help of our "Action Plan: Energy", ARBURG host computer system ALS, GESTICA assistants and the arburgXworld customer portal.

Machine exhibits

Over 40 exhibits with applications from a wide range of industries will showcase ARBURG's extensive range of products and services at a single location. In addition to new features and offerings, this includes the company's complete portfolio of machines and robotic systems.

Automation and turnkey

You have been able to rely on automation and turnkey solutions from ARBURG for exactly 30 years. With us, you get everything from a single source! Experience our expertise and our wide and varied range of robotic and turnkey systems. Our turnkey experts will show you how we provide comprehensive advice from the initial idea to the finished project and tailor the technology to your needs.


Three machine technologies – from a single source. Visit the "Additive Manufacturing (AM)" exhibition area and experience ARBURGadditive's products and services for 3D printing, including freeformers for processing plastic granules, the TiQ series for filament printing and LiQ 3D printers for parts made from liquid silicone. Among other things, we will show how reverse engineering and AM can be used to 3D print operating equipment and grippers quickly and cost-effectively.


In the "arburgXworld" exhibition area, proven experts will give you practical demonstrations of how you can use digitalisation to make savings and become more efficient. The range of topics extends from innovative assistants to cross-linked production management and digital value-added services. Digitalisation "Made by ARBURG"!


In the "arburgGREENworld" exhibition area, you can experience first-hand what we offer for processing recyclates and discover the activities we are pursuing to conserve resources and implement a functioning circular economy. Sustainability "Made by ARBURG".

Keynote speech

In a fascinating keynote speech entitled "Enabling your future – smart and system-orientated solutions", ARBURG Managing Directors Gerhard Böhm (Sales, After Sales) and Guido Frohnhaus (Technology) will explain how our solutions, products and services work together to make your plastics production future-proof. The presentation will be given at 2pm each day, Wednesday to Friday, followed by a discussion.

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