More space, modularity, and ease of use with multi-component injection moulding. This is your production-efficient alternative for larger tools and easy maintenance.


Two electric injection units. A highly dynamic electric toggle-type clamping unit with energy-efficient liquid-cooled servo motors – as standard. Selectable in various injection positions.


This is what you requested: significantly more space for moulds, rotary units, media connections and a usable ejector hub, accessories such as extended tie-bars and enlarged mould platens.

User friendly

Because you appreciate more convenience – and easy maintenance: plug-in media couplings for electrics, water and hydraulics, easy-to-change cylinder modules, material feed outside the mould area.


Producing high-quality plastics from different colours or materials: this is where the ALLROUNDER MORE really shows its special capabilities. For your added efficiency and flexibility for a precise configuration.

Technical data


GESTICA control system

Praised by our customers as the control system of the future, GESTICA is efficient, ergonomic and intuitive. And: with its smart assistance functions, the machine controller makes your work fast, safe and easy.

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GESTICA Steuerung mit zahlreichen smarten Assistenzfunktionen

Part examples

Zahnbürsten sind klassische Zwei-Komponenten-Spritzteile


Hard/soft combinations in one casting, e.g. for toothbrushes. Also of great importance for product design. That's what the ALLROUNDER MORE can do. Advancing as a customised multi-component machine.

 Lab-on-a-Chip aus zwei transparenten PC-Materialien


Ready-to-use "lab-on-a-chip" made of transparent PC are produced in one step, using assembly injection moulding and two injection moulding programs. The big advantage is that there is no need for subsequent assembly or joining.

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