Want to exploit competitive advantages and maximise output? The ALLROUNDER CUBE is made for maximum performance in high-volume production. In the process, it makes itself very small. And it also shrinks your costs.


Our ALLROUNDER CUBE machines are specifically adapted to cube moulds. Use synchronised machine technology for simultaneous mould filling, cooling and removal.


The principle of success? High output on a small footprint. With a second injection unit above the moving mould mounting platen. And a particularly compact cube system in the form of the CUBE 1800.


Cube-mould technology is particularly interesting when you reach a productivity limit with your standard machines. You can double your output with just one CUBE machine.


Want to integrate process steps without sacrificing output quantity? With the ALLROUNDER CUBE, unscrewing, removal and assembly, for example, take place with no effect on cycle time.

Technical data


Cube mould

Cube-mould technology ideally combines twice the number of cavities with shorter cycle times on the same mould-mounting surface. So that you can increase you part output by 100 to 200 per cent.

Würfelwerkzeug  eines ALLROUNDER CUBE

Part examples

Würfeltechnologie: 24 fertige Unterkorbrollen in 9,5 s

Lower basket rollers

Producing a fully assembled lower basket roller for dishwashers 40 per cent faster: an ALLROUNDER CUBE with reverse cube system from Foboha increases part quality and cycle time.

3-component functional part

Using an 8+8+8-cavity mould from Foboha, an ALLROUNDER CUBE 1800 produces a functional component from PP, TPE and POM in assembly injection moulding.

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