ARBURG revolutionises injection moulding

From the outset, we have adhered to the principle of practice-oriented development. The earliest result of this approach was the first small injection moulding machine for in-house use. Many more followed – tailored to customer requirements. We continuously have new ideas with which we promote the future-oriented advancement of injection moulding worldwide.

To this day, these activities are supplemented by the effective mindset that there is nothing that cannot be improved upon. This is why we continuously develop our technology further. This gives us a technological edge and you an economic advantage – an unbeatable win-win situation.


1923 - 1949

Founding of the company
In 1923, Arthur Hehl establishes his company, the “Feingeräte-Fabrik Hehl”, in Lossburg, Germany. Initially he produces precision instruments for medical applications. The company’s long-term success is attributable to his sons Karl and Eugen, who complement one another perfectly: Karl is the tinkerer, while Eugen is a born salesman.

ARBURG name and logo
Karl Hehl thinks up the company name of ARBURG in Normandy in 1943, during the war. He combines the first syllable of his father’s first name Arthur Hehl (AR) with the last syllable of the local town Lossburg (BURG). To this day, our company still uses the logotype that Karl Hehl drew himself.

Consumer goods
Production at ARBURG takes off again after the Second World War. First of all, in 1948, the company produces urgently needed consumer goods from metal, including wire baskets for potatoes, furniture fittings, trays for irons, hairpins and rings for babies’ bottles.

1950 - 1969

Flash units
At the time of the German Economic Miracle, amateur photography experiences a boom. In 1950, ARBURG begins producing flash units for nearby company Duolux, which is responsible for sales. This product is greatly in demand and is later also exported overseas.

First injection moulding machine
In 1954, Karl Hehl developed the first injection moulding machine for in-house use in the overmoulding plug contacts for flashguns. Demand was so great that the innovative machine went into series production in 1956. Showing great foresight, Eugen Hehl started to build up the appropriate sales structures.

ALLROUNDER principle
In 1961, ARBURG had the innovative idea of designing an injection moulding machine with a pivoting clamping unit and interchangeable injection unit. The ALLROUNDER idea was born. This was the origin of today’s modular ALLROUNDER philosophy, enabling customised solutions.

New applications
By breaking with the principle of a rigid design, the ALLROUNDER proved extremely flexible, enabling the overmoulding of inserts and the processing of elastomers and thermosets, for example. A combination of a horizontal and vertical injection unit made multi-component injection moulding possible in 1962.

1970 - 1989

50-year company anniversary
By 1973, more than 10,000 injection moulding machines have been sold and over 700 patents and registered designs filed. The machine manufacturer moves into a building with a floor space of 24,000 m2, and in 1976 completes a multi-purpose building for administration. At this time, ARBURG employs over 500 workers.

Machine control system
In 1975, an ALLROUNDER H became the world’s first injection moulding machine to feature microprocessor control and hydraulic proportional valve technology. In 1993 the SELOGICA control system was introduced onto the market. Customers were impressed with its graphical sequence programming and automatic plausibility check.

Fully automated injection moulding production
In 1979, ARBURG is nominated as an “IBM pilot company”, and presents the first injection moulding machine with graphical user interface in 1982. The CMD series can be fully integrated in a production cell. This allows ARBURG to develop fully automated injection moulding production and production optimisation with a host computer system in 1986.

In 1985, ARBURG founded its first sales company in France. Today, we are represented wherever high-tech injection moulding is employed. Our highly trained employees ensure first-class on-site support – from consulting and sales through to service – in around 100 countries worldwide.

1990 - 2009

Production cells
Since 1996, acting as a general contractor, we have offered injection moulding and automation technology from a single source. A combination of machine and robotic system forms the basis for turnkey systems of this kind. On this basis, the ARBURG project department develops customised solutions.

Family business for 75 years
On the occasion of its anniversary in 1998, “75 years of the Hehl family business”, ARBURG introduces the ALLROUNDER C JUBILEE onto the market. In the year 2000, the modular product range is expanded to include the MULTILIFT robotic system. At the turn of the millennium, the workforce numbers around 1,900.

Complete machine range
Since 2001, ARBURG has also supplied electric injection moulding machines, which, like the hydraulic and hybrid ALLROUNDERs, can be expanded on a modular basis. In 2006, the largest ARBURG machines to date were introduced, with a clamping force of 5,000 kN.

Next generation
In 2005, the third generation of the owning Hehl family takes on the management of the company, in the form of Juliane Hehl (Marketing), Renate Keinath (Human Resources Management) and Michael Hehl (Premises Development, Spokesperson for the Management Team) (from right).

50 years of ARBURG injection moulding machines
In 2006, to mark the company’s golden anniversary “50 years of ARBURG injection moulding machines”, the ALLROUNDER GOLDEN EDITION is presented. The anniversary machine series is so successful that it is still part of our range today. The machines are being continuously further developed and, since 2012, can be equipped with the productivity package.

Production efficiency
Since 2008, we have been labelling our machines with the “e2” energy efficiency label. We are now going one step further, and taking an all-encompassing look at the overarching subject of production efficiency. We look beyond energy consumption and show you how you can optimise moulded part production and reduce unit costs.

Customer Center
In 2009, we opened our 2,100 m2 Customer Center at our headquarters in Lossburg, which houses 30 machines. An extensive range of demonstration and testing facilities, as well as meeting rooms are available here for our customers. The same applies at our ARBURG Technology Centers worldwide.

2010 to today

Death of Karl Hehl
In 2010, Senior Partner Karl Hehl dies at the age of 87. For more than six decades, his influence as a technical specialist was decisive in shaping the family-run business, and, with his brother Eugen, turning ARBURG into a global leader in injection moulding technology. He was always one step ahead of his time with his ideas and technical solutions.

50 years of ALLROUNDER
In 1961, the ALLROUNDER with pivoting clamping unit and interchangeable injection unit revolutionises the injection moulding world. Over the years, this ‘all-purpose’ machine is transformed into the customised product we know today. ARBURG celebrates its 50-year anniversary with over 30 events around the world.

1,500 trainees
After almost 60 years of training, in trainee year 2012 ARBURG is delighted to welcome its 1,500th trainee. Practically everyone who trains in Lossburg is taken on after successfully completing their course. This is because qualified and motivated employees are the key to this family-run company’s success.

ARBURG Plastic Freeforming (APF)
In 2013 we have introduced the unique freeformer and ARBURG Plastic Freeforming (APF). These revolutionary developments open up new possibilities in the field of additive manufacturing. Now, for the first time, fully functional plastic components can be produced in small-volume batches without a mould.

Industry 4.0
ARBURG is a pioneer of Industry 4.0 and uses individualised office scissors to demonstrate how the combination of an ALLROUNDER machine, freeformer and "Industry 4.0" technology can produce high-volume products in batches as small as one unit in a flexible, automated, digitally integrated production system.
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Plastics Hall of Fame 2015
On 22 March 2015, Eugen Hehl was inducted into the “Plastics Hall of Fame”. Together with his late brother Karl Hehl, today’s senior Partner made ARBURG into a global leader in the manufacture of injection moulding machines.
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New assembly hall
In March 2016, in the presence of 550 invited guests, ARBURG officially opened the new assembly hall, where large ALLROUNDERs and turnkey systems are built. This increases the usable area in Lossburg by about 13 % to 165,000 m2.
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ARBURG is bringing four high-performance electric general purpose machines to the market in spring 2016 in the form of the GOLDEN ELECTRIC series. They offer interesting features for the precise, energy-efficient production of high-quality parts.
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For the K 2016, we have pulled off a unique "triple coup" and expanded our portfolio: the hybrid ALLROUNDER 1120 H with a clamping force of 6,500 kN is now the largest injection moulding machine, which also features a new design and the new GESTICA control system.
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GESTICA control system
At the K 2016 ARBURG presented its vision of the control system of the future, which shares the same look and feel as smart mobile devices. It builds on all the advantages of the proven SELOGICA, with which it is fully compatible. New features include a full HD screen, a pivoting, height-adjustable control panel and smart operation via the EASYslider.

Our brand promise
The "Wir sind da." brand promise formulates ARBURG's determination to support the needs of its customers, employees and partners without compromise above and beyond its technological achievements.
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Triple certification for training
ARBURG was the first training company in Baden-Württemberg to obtain triple quality certification. In addition to the LQW certificate and the seal of quality as a "1A Excellent Training Company" from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce for the Northern Black Forest region, the company also successfully underwent auditing in accordance with "DIN ISO 29990 - Quality Management System for Training Providers" in February 2018.

ALLROUNDER 1120 H wins prestigious design prize
The ALLROUNDER 1120 H has been bestowed the coveted, internationally renowned "iF Award 2018" design prize. The large machine received the prize in the "Product" discipline within the "Office & Industry" category.

Red Dot Award 2018
The GESTICA control system from ARBURG has been awarded the coveted, internationally recognised "Red Dot Award 2018" design prize. Following in the footsteps of the freeformer in 2014, this is the second ARBURG product to win this award.

freeformer 300-3X
ARBURG celebrated a world premiere at the formnext trade fair in November 2018 with its freeformer 300-3x. This new large machine will process three components using the ARBURG Plastic Freeforming (APF) process, enabling the industrial additive manufacturing of complex functional parts in resilient hard/soft combinations with support structure as a world first.

Ground-breaking ceremony in Lossburg
On 16 May 2019, ARBURG officially marked the start of construction on a new assembly hall with a ground-breaking ceremony. With the new 28,500-m² building, the company is expanding its production capacities for large ALLROUNDER injection moulding machines and turnkey systems at its parent factory in Lossburg.

“arburgXworld” customer portal
The "arburgXworld" customer portal has been available to customers in Germany since the Technology Days 2019, and internationally since K 2019. "arburgXworld" bundles all our digital services that can then be used via a PC or mobile device after registration and activation.

ALLROUNDER 270 S compact
The hydraulic ALLROUNDER 270 S compact made its debut at K 2019 and is the first ARBURG machine that customers can configure online and order directly at fixed conditions.

New training centre
In March 2020, ARBURG officially inaugurated its new training centre in the presence of around 170 invited guests from the region. Customers can in future benefit from the latest digital training technology and machine equipment.

ARBURG goes on air! On 28 January 2021, ARBURG launched “arburgXvision”, a new digital format. The interactive live internet TV shows covering all aspects of plastics processing each shed light on an important topic closely related to customers. The two-hour format includes expert presentations, links to ARBURG and to customers, and interactive question rounds.

Sustainability Report
In February 2021, ARBURG celebrated a first with its Sustainability Report 2020. For the first time, the company provided information worldwide on the sustainability of its operations and business activities in all relevant areas over the long term. The interactive Sustainability Report itself is also sustainable: the interactive document is available to click through on the ARBURG website and will not appear in printed form.