Successful Fakuma 2023

At Fakuma 2023 in Friedrichshafen, ARBURG showcased its exceptional ability to deliver comprehensive solutions in plastics processing. The trade public made active use of the opportunity to experience live how greater sustainability, digitalisation and automation can be implemented in the world of plastics with the aid of a total of 20 exhibits on the company's own stand and at partners' stands. They received comprehensive advice at the interactive “arburgSOLUTIONworld” exhibition area and from the more than 200 ARBURG employees from around 25 countries who were present each day on the 1600 square metre trade fair stand.

World premiere: New hybrid machine

A product highlight was the world premiere of the ALLROUNDER 520 H, equipped with the new MULTILIFT SELECT 8 linear robotic system. It is the second size in the Hidrive series with new hybrid machine technology. The new hybrid ALLROUNDERS combine the best of both drive worlds: they are particularly energy-efficient, resource-efficient, production-efficient, user-friendly and reliable, and are characterised by significantly reduced acquisition and operating costs as well as a smaller CO2 footprint.

Digitalisation ensures 100 per cent traceability

A turnkey system based around a vertical ALLROUNDER 375 V, which produced "ready to use" tyre levers from separated post-industrial recyclate (PIR), demonstrated how digitalisation and automation enable 100 per cent traceability.
Another option for 100 per cent traceability was demonstrated by multifunctional boxes made of thermoplastic (PBT) and liquid silicone

Innovative injection moulding applications and processes

Using the example of labelled centrifuge tubes, an innovative IML application premiered for the first time at Fakuma 2023. The IML product, manufactured on an electric ALLROUNDER 520 A in clean room design, offers an advantage in functionality, efficiency and recyclability, opening up entirely new possibilities in medical technology.
As an energy-efficient, resource-efficient application and an alternative to thermoforming, an ALLROUNDER 720 A “Ultimate” all-electric packaging machine produced IML round cups with a wall thickness of just 0.37 millimetres using the injection compression moulding process.
A turnkey system based around a 470 E GOLDEN ELECTRIC ALLROUNDER produced dolphins fully automatically from post-consumer recyclate (PCR) from old fishing nets in a technically sophisticated process. Probably the most sought-after give-away at the trade fair - an ARBURG design tool case - was created on a turnkey system based on a hybrid Allrounder 920 H.

Historical machine exhibit

In a special exhibition area, visitors to the trade fair were given exciting insights into the history and development of the innovative family business over the past 100 years.

Industrial additive manufacturing

The highlight from ARBURG subsidiary ARBURGadditive was the new high-temperature Freeformer 750-3X, which additively manufactured aerospace components from Ultem 9085. A TiQ printer from innovatiQ processed fibre-reinforced PA and PP filaments into resilient robotic grippers.

Impressions from Fakuma 2023

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