Flip-top closure

An ALLROUNDER CUBE 2900 produces 32 two-colour flip-top closures in 8.5 s cycle time. The cube-mould technology increases output while reducing the energy requirement.


Efficiency for high-volume production: An ALLROUNDER CUBE cube machine with high-speed servo-electric toggle-type clamping unit produces 13,000 parts per hour.


Together with its partner Foboha, ARBURG implements complete cube systems, e.g. for 32-cavity moulds with servo-electric cube turning and independent displacement axes.


The mould is integrated into the SELOGICA control system. This allows free programming of all tool functions.

32 Zwei-Komponenten-Verschlüsse in 8,5 s

Cube-mould technology for two-colour flip-top closures

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Würfelmaschine ALLROUNDER CUBE


In the ALLROUNDER CUBE 2900 cube machine with a clamping force of 2,900 kN, the servo-electric toggle-type clamping unit and servo-electric cube turning enable fast cycles with reduced energy requirements.

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Injection units

For injection moulding of the two different coloured PP components, two independently moving injection units are arranged horizontally and travelling above the mould mounting platen.

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Würfelwerkzeug  eines ALLROUNDER CUBE

Cube mould technology

With the four cube sides that can be used for production, mould filling, cooling and part removal run simultaneously. In addition, twice the number of cavities are available with the same mould mounting surface.

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Reverse-Cube: Innovative Würfeltechnik für ALLROUNDER CUBE

Turnkey solution

ARBURG implements complete cube systems for the packaging industry with its partner Foboha. The modularity of the CUBE series and the "smart" control system enable precise matching to the mould technology.

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Thin-walled parts, IML products, screw caps? Our packaging machines combine FEM-optimised mould mounting platens, precise mould movements, high filling dynamics, short injection times and high plasticising flow rates.

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