Soft materials

Components made of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) or liquid silicone (LSR) deform very well under tension or pressure and return to their original state after deformation. TPE is solvent-resistant while LSR has excellent mechanical properties.

Benefits at a glance


TPE and LSR are flexibly deformable. TPEs behave in a similar way to thermoplastics when heat is applied. Silicones have an even wider application range.


Resistant to abrasion, UV and ageing, heat-resistant, electrically insulating, sterilisable, resistant to chemicals. Silicone is the answer.


If required, soft materials can be tempered to relieve stresses and further improve mechanical properties.


The properties of TPEs and silicones make them suitable for universal use – from medical technology to automotive and household applications.


LSR micro injection module

If you want to mass produce even the smallest shot weights perfectly, simply use our micro injection module with premixed LSR cartridge.

To micro injection moulding

Sample components

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LSR liquid silicones, HTV solid silicones? From liquid or solid to highly elastic. We have the perfect system solutions for you – because we have accompanied this technology for decades.

With 3D printing, you can use the freeformer to process the same original materials and standard granulates as with injection moulding – for example, medically certified TPE.