Hormone ring

Before the injection moulding process, an active ingredient that protects against HIV is mixed into hormone rings made of LSR. Clean room production meets the highest standards of hygiene and product quality.


HIV protection: A production cell around an electric ALLROUNDER 520 A mass produces active ingredient implants made of LSR.


The electric injection moulding machine in stainless steel version is specially designed for clean room applications.


As primary contractor, ARBURG bears responsibility for the complete production cell. This operates directly in a clean room.

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ARBURG solutions used


At the heart of the turnkey system is an electric ALLROUNDER 520 A. Special clean room features include the encapsulated mould area, clean-air module and easy-to-clean stainless steel panels.

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Six-axis robot

A six-axis robot, which is easily and safely programmed using the implemented SELOGICA user interface, removes the vaginal rings from a stripper plate.

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Silicone injection moulding (LSR)

16 vaginal rings made of LSR that deliver pharmaceuticals in a controlled manner are created in a single work cycle. The most important quality-related factor is the correct combination of dosage volume and holding pressure. The part tolerance is 0.1 mm.

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Clean-room technology

Machine and automation are overbuilt with clean-air modules including ionisation. The clean room cell complies with both the ISO 13485 guidelines and the FDA specifications.

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Maximum precision, cleanliness, clean-room concepts? You can be sure that we will find the right medical technology solution for every application. For example, electric ALLROUNDERs in a stainless steel version or our freeformer.

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