100% traceable: the ARBURG Turnkey Control Module – or ATCM – our SCADA system for complex production cells, brings together part-specific process and quality data.

Benefits at a glance


Turning big data into smart data: the ATCM SCADA system collects relevant process and quality data and forwards it to an evaluating system. This is based on the component ID.


ATCM has an IT link to the production cell and is connected to higher-level analysis systems such as an MES. Turning big data into smart data.


ATCM can visualise important functions of complete production cells, such as protocol graphics, system statuses, alarms, and results of camera inspections.


You can also use ATCM to coordinate various processes independently of the injection moulding cycle, for example, to eject components for quality inspection.

Areas of application


Produce cost-effectively and reliably! Fully traceable, part-specific and seamless production from one end of the process to the other. Our ATCM for turnkey systems has been designed precisely for this purpose.

To the tyre lever sample component

Digital product passport

In a "smart" turnkey system, each product receives an ID and an R-cycle code. ATCM collects all the data in real time and consolidates it on a part-specific basis. This allows the cups to be traced and provided with a digital product passport.

To the drinking cup sample component

Quality data

In the production of UVEX ready-to-wear glasses, ATCM stores part-specific data from the injection moulding process and combines it with the results of the optical characteristics check. Important part-specific data can be retrieved at any time.

To UVEX glasses sample component


Touch panel

The interactive touch panel PC provides a good overview. Information displayed includes collected data sets for the moulded parts, protocol graphics for individual process parameters, camera inspection, statuses, alarms and malfunctions.

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