Powder injection moulding (PIM)

Injection moulding complex components made of metal (MIM) or ceramics (CIM)? No problem: powder injection moulding (PIM) offers great design flexibility.

Benefits at a glance


Powder injection molding (PIM) is a technology that allows you to produce highly complex components made of metal (MIM) or ceramics (CIM).


ARBURG attaches great importance to reproducible and stable production processes, as defects in the molded part can't be eliminated by downstream debinding and sintering.


Test suitable feedstock mixtures, from preparation to binding and sintering of molded parts – do the test with us in Lossburg. We are also happy to use your molds.


Do you have an ALLROUNDER at your company? Then it's also basically suitable for powder processing. We will tailor the technology to your individual requirements.

Benefits of powder injection moulding

In series

In series

Injection moulded parts made of metal or ceramic in sophisticated geometries can be produced precisely and economically, in high quantities, always to a high standard of quality and reproducibility.

Injection compression moulding

Injection compression moulding

Injection compression moulding enables directional mould filling without jetting. The ejector or core pulls are actively moved during injection. The injection compression moulding sequence is regulated and freely programmable via the machine controller.



Various injection-mouldable feedstocks made of fine-grained powder and matching binder on a plastic base preparation to form a homogeneous mass. Users can also develop and produce their own feedstock.

PIM equipment

PIM equipment

Wide range of equipment details for efficient powder processing: e.g. highly wear resistant MIM or CIM cylinder module and extended PIM nozzles.


PIM laboratory

In our PIM laboratory, you can test all the important process steps – from feedstock and injection moulding to binding and sintering of the moulded parts.

Sample components

Pulver-Spritzguss (PIM) von Smartphone-Komponenten


Together with its partner BASF, ARBURG injection moulded thin-walled, stress, and segregation-free sample smartphone backs made of metal powder (MIM) for the first time in 2016.

Heat sink

Manufactured close to the final contour, bionically optimised heat sinks for LED lighting make use of the huge scope for forming offered by powder injection moulding.


Ceramic ferrule connecting glass fibre bundles for data transmission. Precise execution of the through hole, which is only 0.125 mm in size, is crucial. CIM achieves tolerances of +/- 10 µm.

Training Courses

Developing knowledge of material properties and metal and ceramic powder injection moulding (PIM)

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Turnkey projects

Automated production cells

Want to increase added value, optimise the injection moulding process, automate further, and integrate innovatively? Then we are your partner as a primary contractor. As we already are for many leading companies worldwide.

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Powder injection moulding

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