Turnkey projects

Primary contractor ARBURG

Automated production cells from a single source: Combining an injection moulding machine, robotic system, and peripherals, our experts create individual turnkey solutions that are developed in cooperation with you and are adapted to your individual needs.

With more than 25 years of expertise as a technology and system partner, we offer comprehensive turnkey project management ranging from technology consulting to system services and provide support from the initial product idea through to production. We work together across disciplines, discussing and evaluating every concept in brainstorming teams for the most efficient solution.
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  • Full-service trouble-free package: only one contact person for projecting, implementation, installation, and service, including CE certification
  • Efficiency increase: function integration, multi-material design, as well as linking the injection moulding processes with other processes
  • 100% traceability: the ARBURG SCADA system ATCM coordinates and monitors processes in a completely automated production cell
  • On site around the world: specially-trained turnkey experts in Germany and international subsidiaries
  • Quick production readiness: every turnkey system tested and optimised by ARBURG before delivery

Application examples

Spirit level
The example of the spirit level shows how 100% traceability and cost-effective production can be achieved. Thanks to the ARBURG Turnkey Control Module (ATCM) SCADA system fitted in the turnkey system, all the relevant process and quality data for each individual component can be traced at any time.
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A complex production cell takes over production of a urea sensor. The ALLROUNDER 1200 T rotary table machine enables the simultaneous removal and insertion during injection moulding. A Scara robot provides 14 delicate pins, which are overmoulded in the mould.
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Automatic Start/Stop system in cars
In the automated production of automotive parts, three six-axis robots perform all handling operations. The "event-driven rotation" function replaces a rotary unit for part alignment. The robots move synchronously with the machine in the operating zone.
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Saw handle
A production cell with hydraulic ALLROUNDER 570 S and compact robot cell produces handles for Gardena garden saws. An AGILUS six-axis robot moves on an additional linear axis transversely to the machine and transports the handles to a pad printing station and camera inspection.
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Cable grommet
A compact production cell built around a vertical ALLROUNDER 375 V is used for the automated overmoulding of inserts. Handling of the flexible cables is performed by a six-axis robot. This dispenses with manual preparation and insertion.
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Inner conductor
ARBURG has designed a production cell for the fully automated high-volume production of inner conductors for Fakra connectors, which overmoulds up to 72,000 pins per day. The associated robotic and peripheral devices are characterised by extremely precise and quick handling of the delicate inserts.
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