First "Diplomado" course in Mexico completed

On 17 November, the final project presentation and graduation ceremony took place for the first 16 participants in the "Diplomado" training course for plastic injection Technologies in Mexico. ARBURG offers this four-month further academic training course in conjunction with the renowned Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores Monterrey (TEC de Monterrey) as basic and advanced training for qualified Mexican personnel. Interested parties from the local plastics industry learn content that is practice-orientated and concise.

“Diplomado” for plastics recognized by the Ministry of Public Education SEP

The goal is to establish the "Diplomado" training programme as a unique studying course focused on attaining theoretical and practical knowledge. As well as expertise in plastic injection moulding technology and processes, it is about training managers with a global business vision that enables them to assess and improve the profitability of proposed modernisation and digitalisation processes for their production. This content in particular is of crucial importance for the Mexican plastics industry, acting as it does as a "workbench for North America".

Closing event at TEC de Monterrey

After the project presentations, the final event took place in the conference room. In their opening speeches to the successful students Carlos Ibarra, Director of Continuing Education at the TEC de Monterrey, as well as Managing Director Mario Rodríguez and Commercial Director Edgar Calderon of ARBURG Mexico all paid tribute to the first generation of specialists who together constitute a change for the Mexican plastics industry. At the same time, they were encouraged to continue their professional development with the same determination. All the speakers also congratulated this first generation of "Diplomado" graduates for their enthusiasm, perseverance and outstanding performances. The TEC de Monterrey and Arburg also thanked the local companies that had been open to supporting this course, which will be the first of hopefully many.

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