Fakuma exhibit: Toolbox in ARBURG design

At Fakuma 2023, a hybrid ALLROUNDER 920 H will be producing live the main components of the much sought-after toolbox in the ARBURG design. The turnkey system will also include a Scara robot integrated into the machine controller, a MULTILIFT V linear robotic system and an innovative mould support system. The high-quality plastic product will then be completed by hand and the toolbox handed out to the trade fair visitors.

Automated: Robotic systems work hand in hand

Foil inserts positioned on workpiece supports are fed into the production cell via a double sliding table. A KUKA Scara robot, programmable via the GESTICA control system, prepares the pre-produced foil inserts and places them on a centring station to suit the cavity spacings of the mould. The MULTILIFT V 40 picks up the inserts, passes them by an ionisation bar to clean them and places them in the 1+1-cavity mould, where they undergo in-mould lamination in the insert moulding process. The two moulded parts are then removed. The raised ARBURG lettering on the top shell is refined inline in a hot stamping station and discharged together with the bottom shell via a conveyor system. The innovative mould support system is combined with a manual workstation outside the turnkey system, where the toolbox is completed with its centre section, handle, locking clips and feet.

Turnkey system produces toolbox

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