Fakuma exhibit: Industrial 3D printing with freeformer 750-3X and TiQ 2

At Fakuma 2023 in the additive manufacturing area, the company will be presenting a high-temperature version of its new Freeformer 750-3X, processing Ultem 9085 original plastic granules. A TiQ 2 from innovatiQ will demonstrate the 3D printing of operating equipment and robotic grippers from fibre-reinforced filament.

Processing of high-temperature plastics

At Fakuma, a new high-temperature version of the freeformer 750-3X will be producing geometrically sophisticated air distributors from original material Ultem 9085. To achieve this, the temperature of the build chamber can be raised to 200 degrees Celsius, and the granules are plasticised at up to 450 degrees Celsius. Many APF components will be on display at Fakuma, including orthopaedic insoles as two-component parts that can be individually adapted to the footbed.

Compact 3D printer processes fibre-reinforced filaments

The second machine exhibit is a TiQ 2, which can process fibre-reinforced filaments based on PA and PP, for example, using the fused filament fabrication (FFF) process. This 3D printer is particularly economical and also ideal as an entry-level additive manufacturing solution thanks to its open material system. The compact production machine has a CNC controller, metal chassis and an enclosed safety area. Items on show at Friedrichshafen will include resilient suction pads and mechanical grippers made of fibre-reinforced PA and PP with individualised fingers for picking up components, mounted on robot arms.

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