ALLROUNDER 470 Golden Electric: Automated LSR application

ARBURG is a pioneer in liquid silicone injection moulding. For the mobility industry, ARBURG will be presenting a production cell centred around an electric ALLROUNDER from the Golden Electric series at Chinaplas 2024. On show will be the precise, cost-effective production of valves made of liquid silicone (LSR). A Flexlift 10 linear robotic system designed for the Asian market will perform the handling tasks.

Heat- and media-resistant LSR components

An electric ALLROUNDER 470 E GOLDEN ELECTRIC with a clamping force of 1,000 kN, LSR cylinder and vacuum equipment will be producing valves made of liquid silicone for use in cars. The Elastosil material (Shore hardness 50 A) from Wacker is resistant to heat and media and is also known for its good resilience and consistently high performance. Using an 8-cavity mould from Chinese partner Gaoyuan, eight LSR components weighing 0.8 grams each can be produced in a cycle time of around 55 seconds. Injection is sprueless and takes place directly via a pneumatic cold runner system. The LSR dosing unit comes from ARBURG's partner 2KM. A FLEXLIFT10 linear robotic system gently removes the moulded parts from the mould and sets them down on a conveyor belt.

Only for Asia: FLEXLIFT linear robotic system

ARBURG has launched the linear robotic systems in the FLEXLIFT series specifically for the Asian market and tailored them to the needs of customers in the region. Thanks to their low height and telescopic design, they are also suitable for confined spaces. Powerful servo motors ensure that the vertical mould-entry axes are extremely dynamic and accurate – enabling fast removal, precise and vibration-free movements and short cycle times. In this way, ARBURG is meeting the market's demand for a reliable, fast and precise robotic system with a favourable price/performance ratio. The FLEXLIFT is available in six different versions with loads of 5, 10 or 15 kilograms and with the option of one or two mould-entry axes. A FLEXLIFT 10 with a load of ten kilograms will be used for the trade fair application.

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