Successful ARBURG fundraising campaign

At the end of March, the ARBURG Partners, together with the ARBURG Works Council, called for a fundraising campaign for refugees from Ukraine. Donations from employees were tripled by the Partners – with the result that an impressive 150,000 euros were ultimately raised. On Wednesday 27 April 2022, the donation cheque was handed over to the deputy district administrator of the Freudenstadt district.

Strong together

The ARBURG fundraising campaign for refugees from Ukraine was intensively promoted throughout the company, including a video message on the intranet by ARBURG Managing Partner Renate Keinath, who is responsible for Human Resources Management.
During the three-week period, employees donated a total of around 50,000 euros. ARBURG's Partners then tripled this substantial amount at the end of the campaign.

Donations provide direct help

The donation of 150,000 euros will benefit the Ukraine assistance programme of the district of Freudenstadt, which supports Ukrainian refugees in its Polish partner district of Tomaszowski as well as refugees from Ukraine who have been taken in by the district of Freudenstadt.
Reinhard Geiser, Deputy District Administrator of the Freudenstadt district, accepted the symbolic cheque from Renate Keinath and Thomas Brunnenkant, Chairman of the Works Council. On behalf of the district, he thanked the ARBURG employees and Partners.
The advantage, he explained, is that they have direct contact with their partner district in Poland, where around 20,000 refugees arrive every day, and can find out from local helpers exactly what is currently needed.