Joining hands for a strategic partnership

Since 25 January 2024, on the day of the Automation & Robotic Day event, ARBURG Thailand signed a memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Foundation for Industrial Development Thai-German Institute (TGI) to further strengthen their long-term partnership and to continue enhance plastic injection moulding capabilities in Thailand.

ARBURG Thailand has cooperated with Thai-German Institute

The goal of this cooperation project is to enhance and utilise the injection moulding capabilities of ARBURG and TGI, empowering engineering students, production supervisors, and the R&D team through informative seminars and workshops. ARBURG and TGI will share industry insights, and tailor the training programs to ensure that we meet industry needs and drive growth together

The MoU was signed in the presence of Somchai Jakkareen, the president of Thai-German Institute, at the head office in Amata City Chonburi Industrial Estate. “We aim to become a leading organisation in enhancing manufacturing productivity through technology upgrades, automation, and innovation in Industry 4.0. We are excited to partner with ARBURG Thailand, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of plastic injection moulding machines with robotic system and complete turnkey solutions. They are pioneers in Industry 4.0, and we look forward to continue our collaborating with ARBURG” said by Mr.Jakkareen.

The Thai-German Institute is a collaborative between the Government of the Kingdom of Thailand and the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany. Its purpose is to establish a proficient training centre for imparting advanced manufacturing technology to the Thai industry. Thai-German Institute started its official operations back in 1998.

Ruben Sander, Director Operations of ARBURG ASEAN, is confident that there will be a robust synergy with ARBURG and TGI. He mentioned “We believe that TGI stands as one of the leading institutes in effectively training and transferring advanced manufacturing technology to the plastic industry in Thailand. As Thailand’s manufacturing sector moves towards automation and Industry 4.0 to modernise and stay competitive. Easy access to the latest innovation technologies in plastic injection and trusted brand like ARBURG will help Thai businesses to integrate smoothly automation and Industry 4.0. ARBURG not only boosts efficiency but also supports sustainability efforts, ensuring a brighter future for the plastic industry”  

Ratree Boonsay, Branch Manager of ARBURG Thailand, added on this collaboration, “ARBURG and TGI has been partnership for many years. We are here to help TGI to become an Industry Intelligence Unit. We offer the cutting-edge electrical ALLROUNDER 470 E and a MULTILIFT SELECT 6, with IIOT machine connectivity. It’s the perfect showcase for smart factory training and workshops. Additionally, we will exclusively offer 3 month free trial for our FLEXLIFT for TGI’s customer”

FLEXLIFT is the new linear robot from ARBURG. It is engineered by ARBURG to fit for ASIAN market. It can be used with the plastic injection machine size from 320 to 570 ton. The unique communication via OPC UA interface, allows you to save and read robot’s programme and alarm message as well as start and stop the robot from the machine control panel. If any TGI’s customer interested for 3 months free trial please contact

ARBURG and TGI will have collaboration more closely, you can follow the latest news from social media by clicking the link here