Do you want to mass produce high-quality products for leisure, sport and garden in a way that is economical, reproducible and traceable? Then opt for efficient machines and individual turnkey solutions – from ARBURG!

Benefits at a glance


With your ARBURG machine, you also bring our know-how into your company if you want to reduce unit costs and optimise investment costs.


Thinking in new ways, in design and materials. Because consumers are always demanding something new. ARBURG delivers. And so can you. With efficient machines for plastics processing.


Your market is dynamic, always in motion. We think with you and well ahead. Let's test materials and processes together and find completely new solutions.


The consumer goods sector is characterised by individualised and customised products. In some applications, you create entirely new added values with additive manufacturing. 

Product example sandbox

Leisure, sport and garden industry



Toy cars should be designed to look beautiful. In multiple colours, shapes and in ever-changing designs. And be able to withstand stress and have great functions.

Elastic parts

Elastic parts

Flexible and resilient parts such as tyres made of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) make playing with model trucks and bulldozers even more fun.



With the tyre lever, tyres can be quickly and easily detached from the rim. ARBURG has designed a tool of this type – efficiently produced by a cross-linked turnkey system based around a vertical ALLROUNDER 375 V.

To sample component

Sample components

Flexible Schuhsohle, additiv gefertigt auf einem freeformer

Shoe soles

Professional footballers are not the only ones who run in customised shoe soles. High-tech for the feet is created with the freeformer when a one-off production replaces the series.


Figures made of four components are produced on a hydraulic ALLROUNDER. Because three of the four injection units are arranged vertically, the footprint remains compact.

Garden shovel

If gas or water is introduced into the mould cavity using fluid injection technology (FIT), cavities can be created in the part. This significantly reduces materials and cycle time.

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The multitude of industries, technologies and applications is sure to include an example that meets your requirements. Draw inspiration for new ideas from our selection of components.

Step into the ARBURG product world with us. Everything you need for plastics processing. We are here for you.

What do you need for your multi-component technology? Very flexible configurations. This is exactly what our modular ALLROUNDERs are designed for.