Hybrid ALLROUNDER 520 H produces high-quality moulded parts from ABS recyclate

At NPE 2024, a hybrid ALLROUNDER will demonstrate how ABS recyclate can be processed into high-quality moulded parts and returned to the material cycle. The exhibit from the HIDRIVE series is equipped with ARBURG's new hybrid machine technology, which is not only excellent at saving energy and conserving resources, but is also efficient in production, user-friendly and reliable. This allows users to harness the benefits of both electric and hydraulic technology – namely speed and precision paired with power and dynamics.

ABS recyclate returned to the cycle

At NPE 2024, an ALLROUNDER 520 H "Premium" with a clamping force of 1,500 kN will be processing 100 per cent recycled ABS from SEG, made from recycled washing machines, dryers and refrigerators. A 1+1+1-cavity family mould is used to produce a machine base, feed hopper and controller on a scale of 1:18 in a cycle time of around 50 seconds. These are then separated from each other in a cutting station and complete a 15-part set for a model ALLROUNDER. A MULTILIFT SELECT V 8 linear robotic system removes the moulded parts and sets them down in a box. A box changer provides around two hours of autonomy.

Sensor controlled mould monitoring

The "aXw control ReferencePilot" control assistant and a pressure sensor ensure that the holding pressure is regulated very precisely based on the pressure profile in the mould and that fluctuating material viscosity is compensated for. The result is high-quality moulded parts with similar properties to those made from virgin material, but with a significantly smaller carbon footprint. In this application, the Moldlife Sense computer system enables sensor-controlled mould monitoring over the complete life cycle. The recorded data is passed via an OPC-UA interface directly to the gestica control system, which displays corresponding malfunctions as well as performance-dependent maintenance intervals, thereby enabling predictive maintenance.

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