ALLROUNDER 470 H: Turnkey system produces adapters for medical technology

As a prime contractor, ARBURG very successfully realises turnkey systems in China and Asia. A perfect example of this will be a production cell centred around a hybrid ALLROUNDER 470 H at Chinaplas 2024. The exhibit uses a family mould to produce two different adapters for medical technology fully automatically, including camera inspection and sample part storage. A FLEXLIFT 10+2 linear robotic system, only available in Asia, performes the handling tasks. 

Hybrid machine technology reduces costs and cycle times

Launched on the market in 2023, the hybrid ALLROUNDERs from the HIDRIVE series with new hybrid machine technology combine an electric, energy-efficient and precise clamping unit with a powerful and dynamic hydraulic injection unit. They are available in sizes 470, 520 and 570 with clamping forces of 1,000, 1,500 and 2,000 kN and in the "COMFORT", "PREMIUM" and "ULTIMATE" performance variants. ALLROUNDER HIDRIVE machines are particularly good at saving energy and resources, and are also production efficient, reliable and user-friendly. They are particularly impressive due to their reduced purchase and operating costs, optimised energy footprint as well as reduced cycle times. Thanks to a wide range of options, the machines can be precisely customised to specific requirements. Smart assistants and robotic systems can be integrated into the GESTICA control system. The Chinaplas exhibit is an ALLROUNDER 470 H with a clamping force of 1,000 kN and a size 290 injection unit in the "COMFORT" performance variant. It is also equipped with an ARBURG servo hydraulic system (ASH) as standard.

Automated production of medical devices

For the production of adapters for medical technology the hybrid ALLROUNDER 470 H is equipped with a 2+2-cavity family mould from Chinese company Changshen. It produces two different components from PC for adapters in medical technology in a cycle time of around 25 seconds. A FLEXLIFT 10+2 linear robotic system performs the handling tasks. After they have been removed from the mould and separated from the sprues, the moulded parts are fed to an integrated camera for inspection and deposited separately by cavity. In addition, a test sample can be placed in a sample part drawer at the touch of a button and sent for quality control.

Only for Asia: Linear FLEXLIFT robotic system

ARBURG has developed the FLEX series of linear robotic systems specifically for the Asian market and tailored them to the needs of customers in the region. Thanks to its low height and telescopic design, it is also suitable for confined spaces. Powerful servo motors ensure that the vertical mould-entry axes are extremely dynamic and accurate – enabling fast removal, precise and vibration-free movements and short cycle times. ARBURG is meeting the market’s demand for a reliable, fast and precise robotic system with an impressive price/performance ratio. The FLEXLIFT is available in six different versions with loads of 5, 10 or 15 kilograms and with the option of one or two immersible axes. A FLEXLIFT 10+2 with a load of ten plus two kilograms is used for trade fair applications. For the gentle removal of moulded parts and sprue, a freeformer 300-3X was used to additively manufacture the associated gripper quickly and cost-effectively. There are also easily accessible pneumatic and vacuum interfaces for end-of-arm tooling (EOAT) and peripheral technology.

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