Spectacular Danube project

As a main sponsor, ARBURG supports the transnational project "cleandanube": The "swimming professor" Andreas Fath plans to swim the entire length of the Danube from Ulm to the Black Sea by 17 June 2022.

Ten countries, one goal: A plastic-free Danube

The Danube alone washes over four tonnes of plastic into the Black Sea every day, much of it in the form of microplastics. Prof. Dr Andreas Fath wants to use the swimming project to draw attention to microplastic pollution and water protection. In the course of his swim, Professor Andreas Fath will cross ten countries – including Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary.

Injection moulding machine on tour – recycling made tangible

The launch event took place on 19 April 2022 at the source of the Danube in Furtwangen. There, the chemistry professor received a small single-lever injection moulding machine that will accompany him on the journey. A team of five ARBURG apprentices spent around 1,000 hours rebuilding the machine. At the various stages, visitors will be able to use it to make shopping trolley chips from recycled plastic.

Numerous activities along the 2,700 km route

Numerous activities, campaigns and workshops will take place at the individual stations along the 2,700 km swimming route. There is also a mobile knowledge workshop and water samples will be analysed on a regular basis. On the project website www.cleandanube.org you can find an overview with the individual stages and also live tracking.

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