aXw Control PressurePilot

Bionically optimized pressure control increases reproducibility

Thanks to its bionically optimized pressure control when switching from injection pressure to holding pressure, our PressurePilot delivers significant advantages. The process window for a robust and reproducible injection molding process is expanded. Burr formation and underfilling are avoided.

The PressurePilot ensures a smooth pressure transition without undershooting the target holding pressure. This means that there are no pressure drops in the distributor system or in the cavities that could lead to standstills at the melt front. The result is constant mold filling and improved balancing – especially with multi-cavity molds.


  • Easy to configure – automatic calculation of the pressure transition
  • Greater control accuracy and larger process window
  • Even mold filling and improved balancing
  • Constant shot weights with multi-cavity molds