Servo-electric toggle system

High dynamics for fast cycles

Servo electric toggle systems are the ideal supplement to the fully-hydraulic ARBURG clamping units. Dynamic mold movements enable extremely short dry cycle times. All positions are moved to with precision. The technology also features greater energy efficiency.

The dual five-point toggles feature a robust construction with multiple guidance and support points. The force is applied completely symmetrically during movement and mold locking. Together with four-tie-bar guidance, this ensures maximum parallelism and precision. What this means for you is optimal mold maintenance periods. The automatic central oil lubrication system and the grease lubrication points that converge outside the machine paneling effectively minimize your maintenance effort.


  • High speed precision: servo-electric drives with play-free direct spindle gear units
  • Energy efficiency and low emissions: liquid-cooled servo motors with energy recovered during braking fed back to the power grid
  • Reliable: active mold protection with highly sensitive tie bar strain measurement
  • Efficient: oil and grease central lubrication enable maintenance during operation (depending on the series and size)
  • Standard for all electric and hybrid ALLROUNDERs