Personalized transponder cards (SAFELOG)

Controlling access to machine functions

Our SELOGICA control system offers you the option of authorizing and preventing access to specific machine functions in a targeted manner via transponder cards. With the SAFELOG PC program, you can personalize transponder cards and create an authorizations concept for your production facility.

The SELOGICA control system supports three authorization levels for operators as well as a group ID for specific machines. With SAFELOG, you can enable the transponder cards for one of the three authorization levels as well as for a specific group ID.


  • Personalize operators: clear allocation of operating steps on the SELOGICA control system via transponder-cards
  • Define access authorizations: Differentiate e.g. between auxiliary staff, installation technicians and quality officers
  • Limit validity: Restrict access authorizations to specific times and production halls/lines
  • Allocate user languages: Automatic SELOGICA language switching