Further processes

Our modular, individually configurable ALLROUNDER injection molding machines are the perfect solution for complex applications. You will also find us to be an innovative, expert partner who is pleased to explore new paths with you.


We can offer you wide-ranging, process-technical support and work closely with renowned manufacturers of molds, automation solutions and peripherals. As a general contractor, we design and implement production cells tailored specifically to your product.



Hotmelt process

In the case of hotmelt, this is not a plastic, but an adhesive with special processing conditions. Thanks to the special flow characteristics of the material, you can encapsulate electronic components or connectors with a perfect seal, reliably protecting them from splash water.


  • High-grade sealing of sensitive electronics
  • High processing quality thanks to precision adapted cylinder modules

Customer magazine today 54, p. 18, “Hot stuff” (PDF - 3,1 MB)

In-mold labeling (IML)

The IML process is suitable for high-speed packaging, as well as for technical applications, in order to label thin-walled components directly in the mold, for example. For this purpose, prefabricated films are inserted in the mold by robotic systems or IML systems configured for extremely short cycles.


  • Human and robot work hand in hand: special production concept for cost-effective automation of small batches
  • Flexible six-axis robotic system: accurate preparation and finishing of 3D film contours, e.g. separating, cleaning, ionizing, as well as the removal of protrusions and sprues
  • IML systems for packaging applications: close co-operation with leading manufacturers
  • ARBURG as system service provider: entire technology including clean room from a single source

In-Mold-Decoration (IMD)

The IMD process allows you to produce plastic parts with high-quality surface decorations. An image printed on a polyester film is transferred to the molded part during injection molding. Like the robotic systems, the pay-off devices for continuous decorative films are supplied by a single source – by ARBURG.

  • Film pay-off devices with a positioning accuracy of 1/100 mm: close co-operation with leading manufacturers
  • Gentle part removal: the central machine controller allows machine and robot sequences to be synchronized
  • ARBURG as system service provider: entire technology including clean room from a single source

Exjection® process

In the Exjection® process, the mold performs a horizontal transfer movement during injection. This enables the production of structural components with functional geometries up to several meters in length. Our vertical ALLROUNDER V machines with free-space system are predestined for this task.
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  • Vertical ALLROUNDER V machines with free-space system offer unimpeded access to the mold
  • No mechanical limitation to the length of molds or components
  • Highly flexible slide drive configuration possible
  • Carriage drive fully integrated into machine controller: perfect synchronization and central monitoring of sequences

Elastomer injection molding

Our ALLROUNDERs are available with adapted injection units with band feed for the injection molding of elastomers, i.e. elastic, malleable plastics. Special screws can process the base materials in continuous lengths.


  • Reliable processing of strip material through automatic band feed on the injection unit
  • High processing quality thanks to precision adapted cylinder modules
  • Functional upgrades in machine controller, e.g., for evacuation, injection compression moulding, or air blowing

Wood polymer injection molding (WPC)

Wood plastic composites (WPC) or wood polymer materials can be processed on ALLROUNDER injection molding machines without difficulty. Depending on the filler content of the material, it is only necessary to coordinate the compression ratio of the screw and the geometry of the non-return valve.


  • Natural fibre compounds that are suitable for injection are CO2-neutral and meet high ecological standards
  • Material properties, such as rigidity, water absorption or impact strength can be influenced on a targeted basis by using different proportions of plastic
  • Comprehensive ARBURG know-how: Help with molded part design, as well as choice of materials and individual machine configuration