Hybrid machines

Our hybrid ALLROUNDER injection molding machines are designed for top performance in thermoplastics processing. They combine electric speed and precision with hydraulic power and dynamics for uncompromising production performance. This enables you to produce cost-effectively and energy-efficiently.

The servo-electric drives for the toggle-type clamping unit and dosing effectively reduce cycle times and energy requirements. Hydraulic accumulator technology ensures precise, dynamic injection with high performance. As a result, the hybrid ALLROUNDERs are also predestined for applications with long flow paths and thin walls. Moreover, detailed technical solutions, such as the automatic central oil lubrication system and the pivoting injection unit, sustainably minimize maintenance and set-up times.


  • The largest ALLROUNDER with a clamping force of 730 tons – including an appealing and functional machine design and the innovative GESTICA control system
  • Extremely short dry cycle times of the servo-electric clamping unit
  • Precise and reproducible set-down of molded parts thanks to synchronized ejection
  • Energy savings of up to 40% compared to hydraulic machines
  • Special "Packaging" (P) machine versions for packaging applications


Servo electric toggle system
Servo electric toggle systems are the ideal supplement to our fully-hydraulic clamping units. Dynamic mold movements enable extremely short dry cycle times. All positions are moved to with precision. The technology also features greater energy efficiency.
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Application examples

How efficient high-volume production of technical parts can function is shown by the turnkey project for manufacturing coil shells for brake systems in cars: About 18,000 parts are produced per hour and separated according to cavity and boxed, ready-to-ship.
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Screw caps
Mass-produced parts in seconds: thanks to high production performance and short cycle times, the hybrid ALLROUNDER 720 H injection molding machine with a 72-cavity mold converts almost 139 kg of material into screw caps per hour. Powerful ejection is required in synchrony with the mold movements.
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Internal conductors
ARBURG has designed a production cell for the fully automatic volume production of internal conductors for Fakra connectors, encapsulating up to 72,000 pins per day. The associated robotic systems and peripherals are characterized by extremely fast and precise handling of the delicate inserts.
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Thin-walled items
ARBURG offers complete turnkey solutions for the manufacture of thin-walled containers with inserts. Using the in-mold labeling process, two 1-liter buckets with labels and handles can be produced in a cycle time of only 4.85 seconds, for example. Material throughput is approximately 50 kg/h.
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