Cube-mold machines

Efficiency for high-volume production

Our ALLROUNDER CUBE injection molding machines are precisely adapted to cube molds. Their servo-electric toggle-type clamping unit allows for high-speed cycles with reduced energy requirements - the ideal basis for efficient high-volume production at reduced unit costs.

Cube molds offer decisive advantages: twice the number of cavities are available with the same mold mounting surface. Moreover, all four sides of the cube can be used simultaneously for production steps such as mold filling or part removal. The ALLROUNDER CUBE machines feature clamping forces of 330 or 520 tons and are precisely optimized for such process requirements.


  • Fast servo-electric toggle-type clamping unit with generous mold installation space
  • Servo-electric dosage across cycles
  • Dynamic hydraulic or electric injection
  • Second injection unit above the moving mounting platen
  • Free programming of all mold functions via SELOGICA control system


Servo electric toggle system
Servo electric toggle systems are the ideal supplement to our fully-hydraulic clamping units. Dynamic mold movements enable extremely short dry cycle times. All positions are moved to with precision. The technology also features greater energy efficiency.
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Application examples

Innovative flip-top closures
An ALLROUNDER CUBE 2900 cube mold machine produces 32 two-color flip-top closures in a cycle time of 8.5 seconds. Servo-electric rotation of the cube and closure of the mold enables output to be increased by 10% and energy requirements reduced by around 25% compared to conventional hydraulic systems.
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