Thumb wheel

Functional component produced in a single step

The cost-effective manufacture of functional components in a single step is a domain of plastics processing. Thumb wheels for passenger car interiors are a good example: Thanks to a targeted combination of materials, high-quality plastic parts with a soft-touch surface are produced.

The thumb wheels can be produced in a fully automatic process sequence on a hydraulic three-component ALLROUNDER 570 S injection molding machine. This enables efficient high-volume production of these sophisticated functional components. Initially, the translucent main body is produced from PC, then an electroplateable visible surface is added in ABS before a third, attractively tactile TPE component is injected.


  • Efficient high-volume production: Three-component injection molding machine produces functional components fully automatically
  • Central SELOGICA control system: Mold functions, injection units and automation immediately accessible
  • Adapted robotic technology: Vertical injection unit and removal
  • Turnkey solution for the automotive industry: ARBURG supplies complete production cell


Basic specifications

Thumb wheel
Cavities: 2 + 2 +2
Part weight: 4.1 g
Material: PC + ABS + TPE
Cycle time: 30 s


The modular concept of the hydraulic ALLROUNDER S injection molding machines enables the flexible configuration of several injection units with respect to one another. Each injection unit is equipped with a position-regulated screw for high-precision injection and holding pressure characteristics.
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Robotic system
Clever part removal solution with vertical injection unit for limited spaces: The MULTILIFT V robotic system is adjustably mounted above the movable mounting platen on special supporting rails. Furthermore, the X-axis can be moved freely on the Z-axis for coordination the the demolding stroke, for example.
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Multi-component injection molding
The three injection units are arranged horizontally, vertically and in an L-position. They can each be moved independently. The pre-molded parts are transferred precisely and rapidly via a servo-electric rotary unit. The production sequence can be reliably optimized using the central SELOGICA control system.
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The cost-effective manufacture of high quality functional components for car interiors requires fully automated process sequences. Multi-component injection molding is predestined for this application. An important feature is the high level of control system integration and central process management.
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