Soccer boot sole

Modern soccer boots are made almost entirely from plastic. Their high-end functional components influence e.g. the speed and shooting technique of the soccer player. With this product, short product life cycles require future-proof know-how and a high level of flexibility in production.

For the development of new prototypes, ARBURG designed and implemented a special vertical three-component ALLROUNDER T rotary table machine. Together with its own molds, framas uses this mainly to produced thin-walled molded parts such as soles and stud systems for the soccer boots of all the established manufacturers.


  • Thin-walled multi-component parts: Three size 8.2, 8.2 and 6.1 oz injection units configured for low shot weights and high pressures
  • Low material consumption: Needle shutoff nozzle for sprueless injection
  • Good accessibility: Rotary table with 1,500 mm table diameter, moveable in both directions
  • Suitable for small molds: Raised injection units with extended nozzles


<link fileadmin redaktion mediathek today _blank download p.>Customer magazine today 49, p. 14-16 "Euro goal threat comes from Pirmasens" (PDF - 4,1 MB)

Basic specifications

Football boot sole
Cavities: 3
Part weight: from 80 g (2 soles)
Material: PA


The vertical ALLROUNDER T with a clamping force of 280 tons features a servo-electric three-station rotary table. All sequences and the three injection units are managed via the central SELOGICA machine control system. The machine is configured for small molds and thin-walled parts.
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Technical injection molding
In technical injection molding, high-precision components can be produced for a wide variety of applications. High-performance functional components for soccer boots are in a league of their own. Special injection molding solutions are also used for the development of high-end products such as these.
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