Turnkey project for high-volumes

How efficient high-volume production of technical parts can function is shown by the turnkey project for manufacturing coil shells for brake systems in cars: About 18,000 parts are produced per hour and separated according to cavity and boxed, ready-to-ship.

The heart of the production cell is a hybrid high-performance machine. In only 6.5 seconds, 32 coil shells are produced, which a rapidly operating robotic system removes within the cycle time and deposits via a special tube system into original parts boxes, separated according to cavity. The boxes are filled with an exact quantity.


  • Over a thousand more parts per hour: MULTILIFT V robotic system with dynamic immersion axis reduces mould opening time by around half a second
  • Fast and gentle parts handling: precise electrical ejection, synchronised with removal
  • Quality with high volumes: separating the coil shells according to cavity into boxes
  • Superior autonomy: exchanging the boxes every nine hours – without interrupting production
  • Turnkey solution: ARBURG delivers complete production cell for producing technical parts by the million

Basic specifications

Coil shells
Cavities: 32
Part weight: 0.33 g
Material: PA 6.6
Cycle time: 6.5 s


The combination of position-regulated screw and hydraulic accumulator technology makes it possible for the hybrid ALLROUNDER 520 H to fill molds of the thin-walled reels quickly. In addition to the electrical toggle-type clamping unit, precise electrical ejection that is synchronized with the removal ensures rapid cycles.
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Robotic system
A MULTILIFT V robotic system with a reduced load capacity of 13 pounds and a dynamic vertical axis was integrated to achieve a fast overall cycle. This meant that the mold opening time could be reduced by around 0.5 seconds. Hence, more than 1000 more parts can be produced each hour.
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The thin-walled reels are installed in automotive brake systems by the millions. A production cell combining a hybrid high-performance machine and a dynamically operating robotic system ensures an efficient high-volume production – permanently in uniform high and reliable quality.
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