Office scissors

Individualization of molded parts

Based on the example of office scissors, the flexible individualization of plastic products through the interaction between injection molding using an ALLROUNDER and ARBURG Plastic Freeforming (APF) with the freeformer will be demonstrated. The application also represents an illustration of Industry 4.0.

First of all, at the injection molding station, different scissor versions can be selected. In order to enable flexible and rapid product changes, human and robot work hand-in-hand. An electric ALLROUNDER molds on the scissor handles, before a DMC code is applied via laser. The freeformer then adds individualized lettering onto the scissors. The process and quality data is recorded via the ARBURG host computer system ALS and transmitted to a web server. The corresponding web page can be called up using mobile devices by means of the DMC code.


  • Flexible production of plastic parts: small unit volumes down to one-off designs
  • Individualization of mass-produced parts Injection molding combined with additive manufacturing
  • Human/robot cooperation: interactive operation for cost-effective automation
  • Industry 4.0: ARBURG host computer system ALS enables networked, traceable and transparent production


Brochure: Industry 4.0 (PDF - 0.4 MB)

Basic specifications

Office scissors
Cavities: 1 + 1
Part weight: 24 g
Material: PP
Cycle time: 60 s
Construction time of lettering: approx. 2 min


Production is started through the SELOGICA machine control system via smart card In the following cycle, an electric ALLROUNDER 370 E encapsulates the selected scissor blank. Electric drives and the precise configuration of all components improve energy efficiency, precision and cycle time.
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Robotic system
The scissor blank is inserted manually, directly into the gripper in order to dispense with complex feed systems. The linear MULTILIFT V robotic system, featuring protection via a light curtain, transfers the insert to the mold and moves the finished scissors to the laser station.
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Encapsulating inserts
The scissor blanks (round or pointed tip options) inserted into the mold are encapsulated with PP handles. The 1+1-cavity mold features a version for left and for right-handed users. The part weight is 24 g and the total cycle time is 60 s.
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ARBURG Plastic Freeforming (APF)
The freeformer additively applies three-dimensional, personalized lettering. In this manner, mass-produced parts can be individualized without a mold using the APF process. At a layer height of 0.21 mm, a construction time of only around 2 minutes is achieved.
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Technical injection molding
High-precision parts for a wide variety of applications can be produced with technical injection molding. By combining injection molding with additive manufacturing, it is possible to individualize such mass-produced items in an additional step.
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