Night light

FIM technology for ‘smart’ component surfaces

The night light example shows how multi-functional surfaces can be produced using Film Insert Moulding (FIM). This process is ideal for high-quality touch functions for digitalization, for example, in car interiors as well as the electronics industry, white goods and medical technology.

The pre-formed 3D films with integrated electronic functions and five LEDs are fed from the trays from outside. The films are cleaned beforehand under controlled production conditions, in-mold laminated and their electronic function is checked one hundred percent in the clean room cell around an electric injection molding machine ALLROUNDER 470 A.


  • Functionally integrated: In-mold laminating of pre-formed 3D films with integrated electronics and LEDs
  • ‘Smart’ component surfaces: Touch functions for digitalization in car interiors are in demand
  • Automated clean room cell: controlled production conditions for a reliable process
  • Quality in series: one hundred percent check of electrical functions


Basic specifications

Night light
Cavities: 1
Part weight: 49 g
Material: PC
Cycle time: 65 s


The centerpiece of the system is an electric ALLROUNDER 470 A with OPC UA interface. The 3D films with consistently high quality are in-mold laminated in a cycle time of around 65 seconds.
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Robotic system
A multi-axis robot performs the gentle and reliable handling of the 3D films. Its mobility forms the basis for reducing the complexity and costs of grippers and peripheral equipment.
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Process and know-how

Film Insert Moulding (FIM)
What we call IMSETM technology (Injection Moulded Structural Electronics) from TactoTek is used as a special FIM process. With this process, printed circuit traces and electronic components that were applied to the film prior to forming can be seamlessly integrated onto 3D component surfaces. A re-working of the in-mold laminated films, for example, coating or painting is not required.

Clean room technology
In conjunction with an automation solution, the electric ALLROUNDER A injection molding machine forms a sealed clean room cell. Thanks to the integrated laminar-flow boxes, including ionization (ISO 3 class), particle adhesions are avoided and manufacturing takes place under controlled production conditions.
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The top priority is the common goal of always finding the most cost-effective solution. This calls for interdisciplinary expertise. As a technology and systems partner we cover a particularly broad spectrum and can offer you expert support for the implementation of your requirements.
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The cost-effective manufacture of high quality functional components for car interiors requires fully automated process sequences. The Film Insert Moulding (FIM) is ideal for this. An important feature is the manufacturing under controlled conditions and central process management.
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