Insulating rail

BMC brought into shape

Heat resistant insulating rails for domestic irons are made from a BMC moist polyester. Special materials of this kind require special machine technology such as the INJESTER screw feeder device from ARBURG to ensure optimum feed of the fibrous material.

The insulating rails are produced on a hydraulic ALLROUNDER 570 S injection moulding machine. A six-axis robotic system removes the molded parts from the machine, sets them down on an intermediate buffer and transfers the cooled parts to the next station. Its complex 3-D movements enable accurate finishing of the outer contours. The robotic system then moves the finished parts to a quality and functional inspection station before stacking them.


  • Fully automatic injection molding, flash removal and quality control of insulating rails
  • INJESTER screw feeder device for gentle and continuous preparation of the moist polyester (BMC) material
  • Six-axis robotic system: 3-D movements enable precise contour finishing
  • Robotic sequences operator-programmable thanks to the implemented SELOGICA user interface


Brochure: Thermoset injection moulding (PDF - 1,7 MB)
<link fileadmin redaktion mediathek today _blank download s.>Customer magazine today 39, p. 4-9 "Fakuma highlights" (PDF 2,7 MB)

Basic specifications

Insulation rail
Cavities: 1
Part weight: 290 g
Material: BMC


The hydraulic ALLROUNDER 570 S with a clamping force of 242 tons is equipped with special cylinder fittings, compression-free screw and an INJESTER screw feeder device. Reliable venting can be implemented via the SELOGICA machine control system.
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Robotic system
A six-axis robotic system with implemented SELOGICA user interface removes the parts and transfers them for finishing of the outer contour. Its 3-D movements can be operator-programmed. The system then moves all the parts to a quality inspection station before stacking the good parts in a space-saving manner.
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Thermoset injection molding
Precise temperature control is necessary for the processing of thermosets. Fibrous BMC is fed, optimally pre-compressed, via the INJESTER. Precisely guided clamping units and servo-regulated mould movements ensure precise molding.
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Technical injection molding
In technical injection molding, high-precision components can be produced in different plastics for a wide variety of applications. Insulating rails from thermoset are used, for example, in domestic irons. In order to produce them quickly, reliably and economically, we offer you special machine technology and comprehensive know-how.
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