Housing cover

Foaming within the injection molding cycle

As a main contractor, ARBURG has, jointly with its partner Sonderhoff, developed the inline MOLD’n SEAL process, which combines injection molding with subsequent PUR foaming. This allows you to save time, costs and space, as well as significantly increasing your production efficiency.

A six-axis robotic system removes the still-warm housing covers from a hydraulic ALLROUNDER 570 S injection molding machine and moves the seal contour under a foam dosage unit, which applies the foam seal. No intermediate storage is required and the curing time is reduced significantly.


  • Enhanced efficiency: MOLD’n SEAL process combines injection molding and foaming
  • Process integration drastically speeds up foaming, saving space, time and money
  • Automated downstream processing with self-programmable six-axis robotic system

Basic specifications

Housing cover
Cavities: 4
Part weight: 68 g
Material: PP GF35

Here’s how it works

Immediately after injection molding, a two-component foam is applied to the still-warm components with the six-axis robotic system moving along the seal contour under a foam dosage unit according to the FIPFG principle. The curing time is shortened from 10 to 3 minutes. Long curing belts and intermediate storage are dispensed with.


The production cell is centered around a hydraulic ALLROUNDER 570 S with a clamping force of 220 tons. A six-axis robotic system links the injection molding machine inline with the dosage system for PUR. The cycle time for injection molding, part handling and foaming is only 44 seconds.
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Robotic system
The six-axis robotic system performs all the part handling tasks: it removes the parts, moves them at a constant speed precisely along the contours under a 2-component dosage system and sets them down on a conveyor belt. All processes can be operator-programmed thanks to the SELOGICA user interface.
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In the case of high unit volumes, the integration of automated and downstream operations pays. The example of the housing cover for car headlamps makes clear how the automated combination of injection molding and foaming significantly enhances production efficiency.
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