Demanding sectors such as medical technology require reliability. Our flexible clean room concepts meet the challenging requirements in terms of precision and cleanliness. With specially equipped ALLROUNDER injection molding machines, we ensure your economic success.

To ensure that everything is right from the start, we advise you in detail from the concept stage onwards. From implants and dental drills through to syringe barrels: we find the right injection molding solution for any medical application. The stainless steel versions of our ALLROUNDERs are ideally suited for operation under particle and germ-free conditions.


  • Integrated clean room concepts – from docked machines and ALLROUNDERs fully contained in the clean room, through to customized system solutions
  • Electric ALLDRIVE series: best possible cleaning conditions according to GMP A and ISO 5 thanks to an stainless steel clamping unit
  • Detailed customer trials at in-house ARBURG clean-room laboratory

Application examples

Micro cap
A compact production cell around an electric ALLROUNDER 270 A manufactures delicate LSR caps for micro switches that are used in the medical technology or automotive industry, for example. The parts, weighing 0.008 g each, go through an inline inspection and are then packed into bags.

Hormone ring
Hormone rings made from LSR can be used by women for HIV prevention. The most stringent requirements with regard to hygiene and product quality must be met during production. The special advantage: before injection molding, an agent is mixed into the liquid silicone, which provides protection against HIV.
to the molded part

Dental drill
Unlike their metal counterparts, dental drills made from PEEK only remove the carious material. The tiny parts are produced for dental practices as cost-effective “ready-to-use” disposable items in a single step.
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Pipette tips
The production of disposable medical items such as pipette tips places high demands, not only in terms of hygiene and product quality, but also on productivity. Through the consistent use and individual adaptation of high-end technology, 50,000 parts per hour can reliably be produced.
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Surgical instruments
Precision surgical components with complex geometries can be produced using metal injection molding (MIM). The process offers almost unlimited design possibilities, including for parts that cannot be produced by machining or pressing, or cannot be produced cost-effectively.