Perfect water quality

Corrosion, limescale, bacteria, algae: Poor water quality leads to deposits in cooling and temperature control circuits. Longer cycle times, malfunctions and even expensive repairs can be the consequence. All this can be reliably prevented by water treatment that is optimally adapted to your application purposes.

Thanks to its good heat transfer properties, water is ideally suited for cooling and regulating the temperature of machine elements and molds. However, deposits in channels and circuits rapidly lead to reduced flow and consequently to significant performance impairments. For example, a layer of limescale just a few millimeters thick can more than halve the transfer of heat.

What you should do

  • Keep outlet temperatures in cooling circuits low (< 60°C) – high temperatures promote the formation of limescale
  • Regularly check the hardness, pH value and copper and iron concentrations of the water
  • Refer to operating manuals for suitable reference values – e.g. section 1.1.6 for ALLROUNDER machines
  • Flush water-bearing channels in new molds before using for the first time Regularly inspect cooling and temperature control circuits and flush using special cleaning devices
  • Measure the pressure loss – a simple measurement provides information about channel constrictions and blockages
  • Individually prepare and filter water in advance