Controlled mold locking

With the SELOGICA control system “Extended clamping program” you can program up to two locking forces during the injection, holding and remaining cooling phases respectively. This provides interesting process options such as “active breathing” or supported mold venting.

A prerequisite for controlled mold locking, however, is that your ALLROUNDER features either a hydraulic drive with at least two pumps or an electric toggle-type clamping unit.

What we offer you

  • Dissipation of internal mold stresses: problem-free movement of slides and followers in the mold
  • Higher component quality: minimal compression stroke in the holding pressure phase improves evenness and reduces stresses
  • Cost-effective solution: no special compression injection mold required
  • Improved mold filling: during injection, the air contained in the cavity is able to escape
  • No diesel effect: localized burning of the plastic is prevented
  • Fast venting: no increase in overall cycle time