Industry 4.0

Over 30 years of experience in networked production

Industry 4.0 components enable the self-organization of industrial processes thanks to direct communication between machines, products and customers. Thus, not just individual production steps, but entire added value chains can be automated, making them more efficient.

For the digital networking of processes, ARBURG offers a broad range of modular technology and IT solutions. Relying on our profound expertise and an interdisciplinary team, we realize the digital transformation of your production in order to increase production efficiency and process reliabilityto Digital transformation


  • Efficiency: Viable practical and economically efficient solutions from a single source
  • Flexibility: individualized products in single unit batches through the interlinking of injection molding and additive manufacturing with Industry 4.0 technologies
  • Transparency: the ARBURG host computer system (ALS) transmits process data and enables part-specific traceability

Application examples

Elastic tension strap
IT-networked and flexibly automated production is the basis for incorporating customer requirements in the added value chain while at the same time individualizing high-volume parts in a cost-effective way. One example of this is the multi-variant production of elastic tension straps "on demand".
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Office scissors
The freeformer additively applies three-dimensional individualized lettering in PP onto office scissors. Mass-produced items can be individualized without the use of a mold in this fashion using ARBURG Plastic Freeforming (APF). At a layer height of 0.21 mm, the construction time is only around 2 min.
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Light switch
At the special Additive Manufacturing Plaza exhibition at the Hannover Messe 2015, ARBURG demonstrated a fully networked process chain involving injection molding and additive manufacturing, including host computer technology. Here, rocker-type light switches produced in high volumes were individualized.
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"Smart" luggage tags
A pioneering Industry 4.0 application is the spatially distributed production of "smart" customized luggage tags as single-unit batches. Equipped with an NFC chip, the product becomes an information carrier and independently controls its own way through the IT-networked process chain.
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