Applications technology

An expert approach to injection molding

Our applications engineers draw up individual solutions concepts and specialize in finding the most efficient alternative for the production of your molded part. Secure your economic benefits by adapting our injection molding technology precisely to your requirements and production conditions.

As a technology partner, we provide consulting on injection molding and applications technology. We make our extensive expertise available to you – from help with molded part design and the choice of material, through to mold and machine configuration and production optimization. With its laboratories, our Customer Center offers the ideal environment for in-depth trials and tests.


  • ARBURG will find the best possible injection molding concept for your needs from a wide range of available options
  • Trained applications engineers at our subsidiaries worldwide
  • Always there for you: experts from our headquarters, subsidiaries and representative offices
  • Cost-effectiveness calculator: Automatically determine unit costs and amortization periods based on key parameters

LED lens
ARBURG participates in the OptiLight research project for the energy-efficient production of innovative hybrid lenses for LED streetlights. For gentle removal of the lenses, the production cell is equipped with a vertically operating MULTILIFT V.
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Rotary encoder
Three into one: a magnetic disc, carrier plate and protective cap are molded into a functional rotary encoder using the three-component process. The innovative mold concept and the complex automation solution dispense with joining techniques and downstream assembly.
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